out of the box art talks and sessions

OUT OF THE BOX is a 2-month project for the arts.  It aims to educate the youth and children in the arts, and to build a lifelong foundation as an engaged citizen of the world. We plan to offer a dynamic and constantly-evolving program.

Although we plan to incorporate some of the core subjects into our program, our focus in the
present will be the arts not taught in schools. Most activities will be open-ended and
enjoyed on a walk-in basis. OUT OF THE BOX will be staffed by volunteers and all activities will be led by these same individuals.

Scientific evidence demonstrates that young people with high levels of arts exposure outperform "arts-poor" students by virtually every measure. The arts, specifically, provide young people with authentic learning experiences that engage their minds, hearts, and bodies. Arts education helps students learn; it can enhance creativity, self-discipline, and the skills and confidence necessary to meet the challenges encountered during their lives. It is a symbiotic nature to which core subjects bind and are easily implemented into young minds; the youth and children are naturally artistic. It is only when they become older, that artistic preferences become either become refined or go into dormancy.

draft written by: Nate Snyder


yuhum and le' art


How important is to SMILE? VERY. In such a world of haste, dominance and competition, we value the essence of a smile. The smile in giving and sharing/ receiving/ appreciating. the human face is made up of lovely details and when it stretches out to let go of a smile, something is changed- not just on the surface but from within.

in a world of excesses, why waste when you can SHARE what is SPARE?

in a world of the rat race, why not step back and awaken the child-likeness that the world DEFINITELY needs?


The dream to launch a project that is something more sustainable does not end here. There is so much inspiration.


if you are up for some acoustics and on-the-spot jam, visit Le'Art de Cafe in Barotac Viejo and catch Singgit boys and girls float with music.

This is also the very venue where we gather and share thoughts about many topics ranging from art, politics, society, music, humor, alternative ways of living, sports, rage.. and the list can go on.

photo credits: Karen Buenavista and Camille Cogollo


Annual mini-show for the Patubas Fest. We featured acoustics, photographs, songs, dances, documentaries. We tried to give emphasis on the role of the youth as catalysts of change, the wonders of pursuing one's passions and the YOU in making a difference.

"Social changes happen not because of nations but because of individuals".

It was first time to talk about issues that matter in the world right now and people paid enough attention. We hope it would not stop in viewing. Walking the talk is what we need. Though it is not easy, we're positive about the path that we are taking. In every piece of movie, art or music that conveys a message, we may not be able to move fifty people in one go. Touching one soul means so much already.




Gift-giving to kids from 5 puroks of Brgy. Poblacion, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo :) Some acoustic sessions with Kakai and Kaka, too.

5 hours of walking around, meeting small villages and warm people. The beaming eyes of the young were just inspiring and hopeful. It was a reunion with our students who have grown-up and are even taller than us soon. :) Scenic view, smell of the river, THANK YOUs from parents and kids alike. Though it is and always be an immersion to what is lacking - a decent playground for kids, more livelihood projects for the grassroots, being with the kids and being in that moment- singing, giggling, sharing--- it was a taste of sunshine.

We hope to take more steps forward. We hope to share more stories and laughter. We hope to share what is spare because we do have the energy and the good friends around the world who are willing to spread kindness.


We would like to thank:

Joan Fabillano
Joy Gustilo
Astroflex Bautista
Chichi Abadingo
Aileen Siroy
Mina Bahuguna
Roger Rueda
Merelyn Valdez
Yun Gyoo
Edbarr and Kristi Jel Barretto

and for helping out:

Lysil Balbontin
Clem Lachica

NEXT YUHUM PROJECT IS ON JANUARY 7TH ( Gift-giving, Storytelling and Feeding Program)




FNF Youth 2010


Last November 7th to 19th, Singgit Sirkulo Founder was in Gummersbach, Germany to join the first ever International Academy for Leadership - Strengthening the Political Youth Organizations seminar. With the other 23 participants from all over the world, she made the most out of the free opportunity. Tin aims to apply what she has learned from the program especially in giving more backbone to a very young youth organization. What makes her proud is being able to represent the grassroots.

Some photos of Tin Buenavista with the other participants here


damgo (Singgit Sirkulo Night)


The local government of Barotac Viejo requested us again to be a part of the PATUBAS Festival celebration. On the 20th of December, we took pride in presenting our talents in a program called "DAMGO". Photos here.

2011 will be a bigger year. We aim to liberate more young individuals through arts, music, dreaming and sharing.

spontaneity. showcase of talents. fun. :)

because we have so much love and respect for creativity.
the mind is too beautiful to contain it to mere thinking.
imagination sets the spirit free.

now, imagine a world of childlike imagination and the childlike will to TRY?

...without the fear of FAILURE...


bugtaw, umpaw (Vote Responsibly Street Jam Campaign)

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one."

— John Lennon

Objective: to encourage responsible voting especially among the youth for the Sangguniang Kabataan elections.

With a guitar and a percussion box, we walked the streets of Poblacion, Barotac Viejo, stayed in some corners and sing songs to call attention and to give away our leaflets. We also went to the usual hang-out places of the youngsters like billiard halls and internet cafes. We explained to them the value of voting responsibly and how it affects the function of the SK...the realization of the youth's significance in the polity.

This is another activity which shows that with creativity, sending the message across is more effective. Campaigning can be done in cool ways--- hitting a serious purpose.

Truth be told, our organization was born due to the unsatisfactory performance of the SK in our town and everywhere else in the country. Come to think about it, it's a great venue to empower the youth. BUT what is happening? THEY build waiting shades and landmarks instead of building the youth.

Is it because big TRAPOs intervene and make the SK a playground of their political filth? Is it because the young ones are much interested in updating their Facebook rather than participating in socio-political activities?