yuhum and le' art


How important is to SMILE? VERY. In such a world of haste, dominance and competition, we value the essence of a smile. The smile in giving and sharing/ receiving/ appreciating. the human face is made up of lovely details and when it stretches out to let go of a smile, something is changed- not just on the surface but from within.

in a world of excesses, why waste when you can SHARE what is SPARE?

in a world of the rat race, why not step back and awaken the child-likeness that the world DEFINITELY needs?


The dream to launch a project that is something more sustainable does not end here. There is so much inspiration.


if you are up for some acoustics and on-the-spot jam, visit Le'Art de Cafe in Barotac Viejo and catch Singgit boys and girls float with music.

This is also the very venue where we gather and share thoughts about many topics ranging from art, politics, society, music, humor, alternative ways of living, sports, rage.. and the list can go on.

photo credits: Karen Buenavista and Camille Cogollo

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